The purpose of the Foster Care Program at Fostering Solutions is to provide children with a safe, temporary family to live with while their parent(s) receive services and make the changes that are needed so that their children can return home. Generally foster care should be viewed as short-term (several days and up to a couple of years) and for the purpose of meeting the immediate needs of child(ren).  However, if a child is unable to be returned to their family, the foster family may be asked about their willingness to provide an adoptive home for the child.  The purpose of the Adoption Program at Fostering Solutions is to provide children with a safe and loving permanent, forever home. Not all foster families want to become adoptive families.  This is a personal choice that each individual family makes, but remember we will be there to assist you in whatever way we can so that you can make a decision that is right for you and your family.


Foster Care Program

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In addition to providing a safe, temporary home to a child(ren) foster and adoptive parents are also a very important part of the Child Welfare Team at Fostering Solutions. Foster and adoptive parents can give information about a child that only a person who provides 24 hour, 7 days a week of care would have. In addition to foster parents, the Child Welfare Team consists of Fostering Solutions staff, possibly birth family members and other professionals and/or para-professionals depending on the specific needs that are identified.